Profile of SKYSEA Museum of Art



Guizhou SKYSEA Museum of Art is a non-profitable social cultural institution which integrated

collection, exhibition, academic exchanges and public education services. It is invested and established by Senior architecture planner Mr. Wu Xinfeng, locates in cool Guiyang and covering an area of more than 3000 m2, it is equipped with all kinds of infrastructure, includes lecture hall with a capacity of more than one hundred people, meeting room with advanced equipment, office and library, providing a good condition for academic research and social universal education. Furthermore, store for art derivatives, café bar, and outdoor sculpture exhibition area, creating a leisure artistic atmosphere for visitors. SKYSEA Museum of Art has collected more than 200 pieces of works from artists inside or outside of the province, it will promote academic research in the future, and provide a platform for artworks collection, exhibition, education promotion,  exchange between Chinese and foreign arts, and etc.